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Optimizing the South’s Indoor Airflow, one building at a time. Covering North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia
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We can Handle any HVAC Balancing Project

We provide air balancing all throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and their surrounding areas.

Airadigm Solution’s® technicians work closely with our office team to provide and guarantee to send out your air balancing report within 24 hours after completion of the work.

We provide top-of-the-line calibrated equipment. Our TAB technicians will have access to an assortment of the latest equipment ensuring the highest level of quality on a project.

Mid South Team

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Mid South Regional Manager

Tanner Mann

Project Manager

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Project Engineer

James O’Brien

Project Manager

Tayler Greco


Our Services

We offer everything you'll need in HVAC Air Balancing, Fumehoods, Cleanrooms and more!

HVAC Testing, Adjusting & Balancing

We offer HVAC testing and balancing to any size commercial project across the USA.

Kitchen Hood Testing

Be it small mom and pop restaurants or large chains, we have tested a wide range of kitchen hoods.

Fume Hood & Biosafety Cabinets

We offer comprehensive support to universities, schools and medical labs for fume hood testing.

Cleanroom Testing

We provide cleanroom testing in accordance with USP 797 or client specifications.

HVAC Building Systems Commissioning

We ensure a building’s HVAC systems are operating the way the owner intended and in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines.

TAB Services can also include:

  • Smoke Visualization Testing
  • Sound & Vibration Testing
  • Air Velocity Testing
  • Duct Air Leakage Testing

We offer Direct Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV)

Fast Digital Reports to Keep Construction Moving

Our cloud-based app eliminates slow pencil reporting, reduces the time it takes to get you results, and allows you to see your project options and where progress sits at any point in time.

USAbalancer™ is our proprietary cloud-based reporting tool, designed collaboratively by our team with customer service in mind.

Our technicians enter data on the HVAC project site with their tablet into our software. This allows office staff to access information immediately and expedite turning air balancing reports around quickly.

Customers have the ability to view the progress of the TAB report as it happens in the field and track punch list items.

After a quality review in the office, we are able to submit the final report quickly.

HVAC TAB Technician working on a construction project

Our Other Areas of Service

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We perform air balancing surveys across national brands and are on hand for hvac projects with our dedicated national team.

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Our Colorado TAB region is managed by our trained team with decades of experience under their belt in HVAC air balancing construction.

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Our Texas TAB team is active in the DFW, Houston and surrounding regions. Our trained technicians can take on any job!

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New England

New England is where Airadigm Solutions began. We work all throughout New England on HVAC air balancing projects.

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