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Get the most thorough air balance tests and reports with experienced technicians up for any job, big or small.
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With employees strategically positioned throughout the US, our responsive and reliable teams are prepared to execute any air balancing project that comes our way. Our team of highly trained TAB technicians offers extensive and diverse experience from new construction to owner-occupied structures.

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We are always working to provide the best possible service for our customers. Our teams work every day to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. To expand our reach and services, we’re looking for companies that specialize in testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB), direct control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems, fumehood, or cleanrooms. If you believe your business would complement our current offerings, we would love to talk with you.


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Keep Construction Moving with Fast Reports

Our cloud-based app, USAbalancer™, eliminates slow pencil reporting and allows you to see your project options and where progress sits at any point in time. View reports as it happens in the field and track punch list items to keep your job moving.

Our technicians enter data on the HVAC project site with their tablet into our software. This allows office staff to access information immediately and expedite turning air balancing reports around quickly.

Customers have the ability to view the progress of the TAB report as it happens in the field and track punch list items.

After a quality review in the office, we are able to submit the final report quickly.

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Regional Testing

Airadigm Solution’s® TAB National Accounts team partners closely with our national account customers to provide and guarantee to send out your air balancing report within 24 hours after completion of the work. Our TAB technicians are available to be on a jobsite no later than five (5) business days after a request anywhere nationwide for a job not already scheduled!  For previously scheduled jobs, we will arrive when you expect us.

We provide top of the line calibrated equipment. Our TAB technician will have access to an assortment of the latest equipment ensuring the highest level quality on a project.

National Testing

Our experienced team of TAB technicians are positioned throughout the US to support the many national account locations coast to coast.

We  have the experience and training to balance both new and existing commercial facilities.  We work closely with our national accounts to understand job specific requirements to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Balance an HVAC System?

To decrease operational cost and ensure the comfort of the occupants. To insure the quality of the final product installed.

What information is needed for a quote?

Mechanical drawings and specifications.

How long will it take for me to get my report?

Report turnaround is completely dependent upon the size of the project. However, we take pride in turning around reports as quick as possible. In some cases we are able to provide the report shortly after the technicians leaves the project site.

What is USAbalancer™?

USAbalancer™ is our proprietary cloud-based reporting tool, designed collaboratively by our team with customer service in mind.


Our technicians enter data directly from the field, allowing office staff to access information immediately and expedite turning reports around quickly.

Customers have the ability to view the progress of the TAB report as it happens in the field, track punch list details and access the final certified TAB report.

How quickly are you able to be onsite to perform your work?

Our TAB National technicians will arrive when you schedule and expect us.  For projects with limited planning time, we can be onsite as early as five business days.  Our national accounts technician team are positioned throughout the US to minimize travel and support our projects nationally to meet demanding deadlines. 

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