Comprehensive Laboratory and Chemical Fume Hood Testing

Laboratory and chemical fume hood certification and testing throughout research centers, universities, hospitals, schools, and more.
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Comprehensive Testing

Our comprehensive services include chemical fume hood testing, certification, and tracer gas testing. All services are provided in accordance with standards set by AIHA/ANSI, SEFA, and ASHRAE.

Our offerings


Annual Fume Hood Certification

Tracer Gas Testing


ASHRAE 110 Testing


Bio Safety Cabinet

Laminar Flow Hoods

Fumehoods and Bio Safety Cabinets

Testing primarily consists of an inflow velocity profile test and smoke containment and visualization tests. These tests should be performed at least annually as part of a lab’s chemical safety management program.

Biosafety cabinet testing is performed in accordance with NSF 49 and includes:

  • Inflow velocity testing
  • Downflow velocity testing
  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Smoke pattern testing
  • Site installation testing
HVAC TAB Technician working on a construction project

Our Projects

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Renovating and relocating can be a challenge to coordinate all parties involved on a short timeline. For certifying three grossing stations at UTSW Medical Center, Airadigm could assure a fast response time with flexible off hours and availability.

College of the Holy Cross

Airadigm Solutions performs the annual fume hood and biosafety cabinet testing services for the College of the Holy Cross. With over 100 units to test, Airadigm’s speed and attention to detail ensure a smooth testing period.

University of New Hampshire

Airadigm Solutions has performed ASHRAE 110 testing for the University of New Hampshire as they update Rudman and Parson’s Halls. With quick responses needed as the timeline of these projects progressed, we have been able to meet all testing needs with very short...

Emerson Climate Technologies

Sidney, OH Combining our knowledge of the fume hood and test and balancing worlds proved to be the perfect solution for a location in need of ASHRAE 110 testing, annual fume hood certifications, and measurements and verifications of snorkels and floor exhausts.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Our technicians worked directly for the General Contractor on the Texas A&M campus and provided chemical fume hood balancing services at the Engineering Research building. Among the many systems balanced were Siemen's Fume Hoods: Vertical, Horizontal, Combination...

Texas A&M University Fume Hood Case Study

Our technicians worked directly for the General Contractor on the Texas A&M campus and provided chemical fume hood balancing services at the Engineering Research building. Among the many systems balanced were Siemen's Fume Hoods: Vertical, Horizontal, Combination...

How often do you need to certify your fume hoods?

Testing and certification of chemical fume hoods should be performed at least on an annual basis. Complete ASHRAE 110 testing is recommended to be performed on new fume hoods as well as anytime changes are made to existing hoods and equipment.


Airflow Velocity Testing

Airflow Velocity Testing measures the speed at which air enters a fume hood’s face opening. It is generally recommended that a fume hood’s face velocity is between 0.3 m/s (60 fpm) and 0.5 m/s (100 fpm). 

Smoke Visualization Testing

The smoke visualization test introduces a visible smoke to the fume hood to determine if there is any visible vapor escaping the hood. It also allows a trained technician to identify if there are any eddies or reversals in the air flow inside the hood itself. 


Variable Air Volume speed of response testing

The speed of response test measures the speed at which the fume hood can turn on to remove contaniments. If the air flow rate is not re-established within less than 3s after the sash is opened, the safety function of the fume hood temporarily defeated. 


Tracer Gas Containment Testing

We use a tracer gas inside the hood to evelauate the performance. We place a mannequin and measure the tracer gas concentration at the breathing zone (BZ) of the mannequin or at the hood opening.


Sash Motion Effects tracer gas Testing

By testing to see the motion of the VAV controls affecting the sash motion, we are able to determine if the fume hood is working optimally.

Does Airadigm Solutions® certify fume hoods?
We provide a quantitative analysis of the hood’s performance for the customer to determine if the performance meets their corporate safety standards.
What safety standard guidelines do you follow?
Fume hoods are tested in accordance with AIHA/ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE-110 and OSHA. Additionally, all testing is performed and compliant with state, federal and international safety standard guidelines.
Can Airadigm provide testing for USP 797 compliance?
Airadigm can perform all non-viable tests of your pharmacy to ensure USP 797 compliance.
Does Airadigm Solutions certify biosafety cabinets?
Airadigm performs B.S.C. certifications following NSF 49 guidelines.
Can Airadigm test HEPA filters?
Airadigm Solutions can perform HEPA integrity tests via aerosol leak tests
Can Airadigm Solutions do ASHRAE 110 testing on our newly constructed fume hoods?
Airadigm provides ASHRAE 110 testing ensuring that your fume hoods work properly where situated in your lab environment.
What are eddies and reversals in smoke visualization testing?

An eddy is an area where the air currents swirl around in one place instead of flowing properly out of the hood. A reversal is a localized area where the flow is going in the wrong
direction. Either of these are an indication that the fume hood is not performing to the best of its ability.

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