Brian Sharkey

Brian is primarily focused on the technical onboarding and development of our Airadigm Solutions’ TAB Technicians nationwide. He has worked in the field of Building Environment Systems for over 25 years. His HVAC experience involves multiple aspects of the industry, to include installation, maintenance, TAB and Commissioning. Over the years he received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas Arlington, became a NEBB Certified Professional in HVAC and Plumbing Commissioning, Air & Hydronics and Sound & Vibration. Additionally, he is a LEED Certified AP – Existing Buildings and Level 1 Snell Thermography certified. His portfolio includes projects that have been performed throughout the US and Middle East.  Brian’s primary focus is on regional office operations and assisting with TAB technician training across the organization.

When he is not traveling coast to coast training our technician team members or assisting on TAB field projects, he enjoys spending time outside hiking or mountain biking Colorado’s Crested Butte or time on the golf course.