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After nearly ten years of experience selling and designing kitchen hood ventilation products and the air balancing of restaurants in Ohio, our founder Olaf began his journey to start Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC in New Hampshire back in early 2002. Having no extra money and a very young family at home, there was a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed just to pay the bills. Starting the business as a one-man show selling kitchen ventilation products for Captive-Aire Systems for only sales commissions and air balancing Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants across the country seemed like a risky venture as income was not guaranteed. Determined to make it work as an entrepreneur, Olaf began to grow his team and eventually hired his first employee to help with kitchen hood sales.

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Air Solutions & Balancing

Olaf was always carefully listening to customers, he heard time and time again there was a need for proper air balancing of not only restaurants but also all other building types. Coupled with kitchen ventilation products, our focus turned to the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) industry. This venture took an additional three years during the late 2000’s, starting in the local New Hampshire market. Air balancing is a highly skilled trade and training new employees for this skill is extremely time consuming, but it proved to be very successful. By 2010, Air Solutions had about eight employees with over $500,000 in air balancing sales. The company transitioned away from selling kitchen hoods towards energy saving Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation products for commercial kitchens of all sizes, while also keeping the local air balancing business going.

Our History

In 2011, Air Solutions purchased their office building, which seemed very large. At the time we were criticized for buying such a big office for only four people- the space could easily hold over 10 office employees and there was an additional shop floor not being utilized. We were determined to fill that space.

Around 2015, Air Solutions & Balancing grew into a national company with a vision of selling air balancing services to HVAC contractors and building owners across all of the United States. 
We pushed hard for sales by hiring full time sales and estimators for our air balancing services. We were fortunate that our demand ventilation product sales were able to subsidize the needed cash to grow the business during this fast growth period. During this time, we tripled air balancing sales within three years as the company was growing rapidly in the New England territory.

Over time, the company had naturally grown into three distinct business units that are currently in place today. The first we called the regional air balancing department, the second is our national air balancing business, and the third is the demand ventilation product sales. Over time, our national air balancing clients consistently had us traveling into Texas for restaurant work and we of course lost money traveling so far for a one-day job with our technicians from New Hampshire. So in 2018, Air Solutions decided to fix this and purchased a large air balancing company in the Dallas region so that travel to our Texas customers would no longer be an issue. The former owner of the Dallas air balancing company decided that he wanted to stay on with Air Solutions and helped open our second office in Denver. 

In 2019, Air Solutions was honored with the prestigious award to be on the INC-5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America. The company goal continues to be filled with growth and is always looking for new talent to join our team.

Testing and Balancing Van outside of Hospital HVAC project

Becoming Airadigm

Shortly after, it became apparent that as a company we had a branding problem. We needed to be very clear of what we do for each of our different industry sectors and be able to market a new brand across the country.  We created two new brands to show focus on what we are offering- Airadigm Solutions and Kitchen Energy Solutions. Airadigm Solutions originated from the word Paradigm, to reflect a “new way of doing business” in the air balancing world. Kitchen Energy Solutions became the division to help focus our customer base in the Energy Sector.

Today, we are fast at work in opening new regional offices across the country. We continue with our vision to have all buildings across America be perfectly air balanced coupled with energy saving kitchen controls. With over 70 team members who can service our customers nationwide, coupled with our growing list of new regional offices we continue to expand and grow with new opportunities.

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